Google will soon launch its new Social Media service called Google +1.  This is expected to be an optional browser extension which could make millions of consumers switch to Google. The new service will be available on Android and is expected to be offered on other Smartphones.

The move is in keeping with Google strategy to be a key player in the Mobile Social arena, where Smartphones and Social Media are  merging into a permanent new business secto and are already starting to redefine the travel landscape. Smartphones make connection social, instant and permanent and create new opportunities for e-commerce, dialogue and service.  See more about How Travellers use Smartphones.

According to most expectation Travellers searching the web with  Smartphones will outpace those using a laptop or desktop within the next few  years. This is why Google has made Mobile its number one strategy, and in my mind Mobile cant be separated from social - hence Google must tie them together, and pragmatically  the browser move make sense.

Will this move succeed where all other Google forays into Social Media like friends connect, buzz and wave have not. It may, because it is merging the areas where Google has strength; search, mobile & cloud computing, with the ability to parlay that into a new social universe. For Google the task is to get consumers to accept its new technology and its browser.

But it also may be flawed. A search on Google trends wil show Facebook has dramatically overtaken both YouTube and Google Search in number of searches. The thought is that more people are using Social Media to find references, reviews and word of mouth information on products, services and travel. The future looks more and more social, Google has not been good at creating a social platform.

Can Google incorporate " Word of Mouth" or the new clickable version of this "Word of Mouse" into search? If not Search as Google knows it may be on its way out. More of this to follow.

In the meantime hotels, destinations and tourism operators should have a sound social strategy. Facebook Hotel Tourism pages must reflect the brand effectively and provide the on-line services that guest are looking for. this is the road to building loyal Facebook fans, good guest reviews and Word of Mouth.
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6/8/2011 03:31:29 am

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8/17/2012 09:46:42 pm

Up to a limit it will hurt facebook.


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