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Facebook Sweepstake for Travel

A Facebook Sweepstake is a great way for any hotel, tourism and destination organization to increase fans and interaction with Facebook users.

Competitions and liked within the Facebook community and Fans quickly spread the word around to others Fans.
Facebook guidelines on how to run a competition and choose a winner are good, and running the competition on Facebook gets good credibility.

The task can accomplish many objectives:

1. Generate more Interactive Fans for a destination
2. Facebook advertising for Hotels and Tourism
3. Expand Destination and Travel Facebook presence & marketing.  This also brings great credibility and can increase PR rating for the company
4. Compare other social media and marketing channels. In addition to Facebook advertising, the campaign can includes other channels, Google, etc., and it is instructive to monitor and compare them

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12/8/2011 07:21:02 am

What is the best way to promote these sweepstakes so people know you are running them. I think good promotion will lead to more visitors and more bang for your buck.

6/5/2012 06:50:53 pm

These days social networking sites are use for the marketting. Travel Sweepstake for Travel Marketing with Facebook is a great thing. I really like the blog and i am waiting for the new updates..

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