The Seventh Art Media study suggests that engagement should not be the key focus of building your Facebook pages. See I have to admit, it is surprise, but in fact it makes a lot of sense. I don't think you can ignore engagement and it is a part of being social, but it should not be your only focus. More on engagement, see The Report has some vital insights:

- If you don’t plan, you might built the wrong community

- Engagement is not Facebook’s strong suit. Impressions returns more to the bottom line.

- It requires work to grow and sustain a Fan base. You need a steady flow of the right type of content.

- Don't repeatedly post the same under-performing content types.

- Video is a booming engagement tool, but hospitality is lagging due to poor quality content, subject matter and execution. This is a huge missed opportunity.

- Too much content being posted does nothing to enhance a guest connection.

Download the the White Paper: “Hotel Brands and Facebook - identifying the opportunities”

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Simon Sinek talk on how to engage fits perfectly with Social media. His Golden triangle Philosophy is made for Facebook.

The idea is to turn the normal approach to marketing upside down. This he says is an approach used by all successful people. The concept is to talk about WHY you do what you do before you speak about the what and the how. See this video and more about using Facebook in travel at
Press Relases of june 2009. AXSES arcResBookings is the first full travel marketing and bookings Platform for Facebook. It's for hotels & tourism suppliers (activities) that want to use social networking and put their property/tourism information on their Facebook page. Facebook guest can see their holiday rooms, photos, rates - get quotes and book hotels and tourism activities on Facebook.