Simon Sinek talk on how to engage fits perfectly with Social media. His Golden triangle Philosophy is made for Facebook.

The idea is to turn the normal approach to marketing upside down. This he says is an approach used by all successful people. The concept is to talk about WHY you do what you do before you speak about the what and the how. See this video and more about using Facebook in travel at shares study that indreases facebook fans and sees visits to booking engine jump by 227%. The campaign organised a photo contest with prizes of  free nights at the hotel. To win, entrants had to ‘fan’  the hotel’s Facebook page, upload a specific themed photo and then promote it in order to get as many 'likes' as possible before the end of the contest. The Results were
  • Website visits increased by 187%
  • Visits on the booking engine increased by 227%
  • Facebook fans increased by 150%
  • Twitter followers increased by 80%
  • YouTube video views increased by 100%
Imagine the increase if the hote facebook page had  facebook booking systems like http://facebook.arcresbookings