The Seventh Art Media study suggests that engagement should not be the key focus of building your Facebook pages. See I have to admit, it is surprise, but in fact it makes a lot of sense. I don't think you can ignore engagement and it is a part of being social, but it should not be your only focus. More on engagement, see The Report has some vital insights:

- If you don’t plan, you might built the wrong community

- Engagement is not Facebook’s strong suit. Impressions returns more to the bottom line.

- It requires work to grow and sustain a Fan base. You need a steady flow of the right type of content.

- Don't repeatedly post the same under-performing content types.

- Video is a booming engagement tool, but hospitality is lagging due to poor quality content, subject matter and execution. This is a huge missed opportunity.

- Too much content being posted does nothing to enhance a guest connection.

Download the the White Paper: “Hotel Brands and Facebook - identifying the opportunities”

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