Facebook  has added email as a subset of communication. SMS, Chat, Facebook messages, status updates and calendars. Facebook plans to become the “interaction hub” of  the “communication” experience. see gigaom.

I like the idea, email is vital but has increasingly become isolated and corrupted by spam, its in need or an overhaul and facebook may just get it right. For travel the email hub is valid, if loyal guest like your hotel they open the door to direct communications and exposure to hundreds of friends. On average the facebook profile will have 100 friends but many have several hundred. Sharing is good for tourism. Add your hotel and tourism bookings to Facebook with arcResBookings.com  booking engine and content publisher  for Facebook
 World Nomads says Facebook accounts for  20 to 25 percent of revenue. with  37800 fans engaged with their FaceBook Page.
AirAsia says 12% of their traffic is coming via Facebook with the expectation for greater  growth. See PhocusWright article http://bit.ly/aqBUqP.

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