The Social Network, which opens Friday, is  an emotionally rich human story about alienation, ambition and genius.  The movie is based on Ben Mezrich's 14-page book proposal for The Accidental Billionaires and adapted by Aaron Sorkin, creator of TV's The West Wing and Sports Night.

Producer Dana Brunetti, who had previously collaborated with Mezrich on the movie 21 and was the first to hear about the Facebook idea and helped him draft the book proposal, had a similar reaction.

"At first I told Ben 'OK, that might make a good book, but it won't make a good movie,' " Brunetti says. "But once we started to dive into it and research a little bit, we realized it was an amazing story. It's the story of two friends at Harvard who didn't fit in but really wanted to. And in their attempt to fit in, they ended up creating the largest social network in the world, which ironically ends up destroying their relationship. It's a timeless tale in a lot of ways. It didn't have to be about the creation of Facebook. It could have been about the creation of a car or television."

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The power of Facebook is that it transcends affinity walls and bias. Corporations who try to emulate Facebook can not transcend the fact that they are a corporation, identified with a products and  services. Its good that they become more social but they are not independent and they cant be Facebook.
"enterprises will have to cater to the mobile masses wielding Android devices and iPhones. In addition, efforts like’s Chatter will become more meaningful. Why? Companies will have to provide corporate social networks that mimic Facebook".
TechCrunch  "Facebook Is Secretly Building A Phone." The post, cites  "a source who has knowledge of the project," says  Facebook wants to integrate the contacts list and phone functions. "It can only do that if it controls the operating system."  Another Reason to use  for Facebook which loads hotel and tourism booking content onto Smartphone, Facebook and its phones! shares study that indreases facebook fans and sees visits to booking engine jump by 227%. The campaign organised a photo contest with prizes of  free nights at the hotel. To win, entrants had to ‘fan’  the hotel’s Facebook page, upload a specific themed photo and then promote it in order to get as many 'likes' as possible before the end of the contest. The Results were
  • Website visits increased by 187%
  • Visits on the booking engine increased by 227%
  • Facebook fans increased by 150%
  • Twitter followers increased by 80%
  • YouTube video views increased by 100%
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