Forbes magazine just wrote: "Businesses that thrive in the second decade of the 21st century will naturally build customer communities seamlessly across all platforms: online, mobile, and, yes, even traditional media and the original social media, face-to-face." Jim Blaingame, Forbes. If you have not already watched Clay Shirkly talk about how Facebook, Twitter and all Social Media is changing the business landscape, check this out on my blog at Social Media is not about being social anymore. It's about building communities and enabling participation and it's about the changing shape of communications and the media.

As Clay says, there are 4 fundamental shifts that make this a revolution in communications:

1. Communications is no longer one to many, but many to many, between peer groups and individuals where there are many connections and dialogue is bi-directional.
2. Media has migrated to Internet. All Media is beside each other and on your desktop and in your hand.
3. Consumers are publishers. This means a vast expansion in channels and mediators who transpose information relative to their peer group, and even to fragments within peer groups.
4. The network is vast and growing exponentially. The size is the square of the of number of nodes. Messages will be vastly differentiated and targeted.

The fact is, all of us have different priorities at different times. There can be many yous: parent, child, family, business person, adventurer, joyful, sad and more based on situation and pretext. So how can one message ever be enough, even for one person? Message must vary to appeal to me and you based on our mood, role and goal. We are not, in tourism, about one thing only, and each aspect of our service will needs its own message and its own audience. Communications then is far more personal and fragmented than we have so far catered for. Now with the emergence of a new communication landscape, which we so far call Social Media, the message is never all things to all people. It is as varied as human behavior itself, adapting to its group and occasion based on its participants at any time in any media. And why; because it is like a conversation where we are not ever a single participant. From many comes the new!

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AXSES introduces the new Fan Post Engine for Travel and Tourism suppliers. Following up on its Platform, this new Facebook application for hotel and tourism companies, builds the Special Offers" Fan page and post your content to it.


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This new arcRes application for Facebook, developed by AXSES, is one of a series of Facebook Travel Initiatives by the company. First, there was arcResBookings that creates the Reservations page and manages all rates and bookings on a Hotel Facebook Fan Page.
Now FanPagePosts, powered by ArcRes, creates a "Special Offers" Fan Page and posts hotel, car companies and tourism activities to the Fan Page. Special Offers, Packages, Deals and Promotions are great for conversation and engaging Fans.

The app also builds the "Like" Page which encourages visitors to become a Fan to see the Special Offers (optional).
The Travel Offers are displayed on the next page and available to Fans. They may also be displayed on the hotel or travel brands wall and in Fan news feeds.

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