Apple plans to build Niche social networking apps, not websites. Apple still believes that desktop and mobile applications will be the glue to the future of computing. Apple’s recent moves into focuses like Game Center (games) and Ping (music) show this way of thinking. Apple's new projects, like the ‘Find my Friends’ feature in the latest iOS 4.3 beta, indicate that Apple is aiming at  the geo-location market, as a component of the its social networks.

Even to Apple, the future is Mobile. The number of Mobile devices sold by Apple in the last quarter:
- 16.24 million iPhones
- 19.45 million iPods
- 7.33 million iPads
- 4.3 Macs - 75% are laptops

Apple's apps strategy is interesting, but I don't believe that applications are the way forward as a vehicle to deliver information. Applications are great for delivering services, but completely out of place for website information. "Travelers look at 12 to 20 hotel and tourism websites before making a final choice. Imagine if travelers had to download an app each time they wanted to see a hotel."

Mobile websites, like, are here to stay, and while Apple's niche strategy is smart, Facebook has a rather large lead and a network that has only just begun to come into its own. Facebook innovation and invention in the Travel arena is just beginning. More on Facebook, see

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